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Wysing Arts Centre has during a period of five years reinvented itself from a small rural arts space serving predominantly local artists into one of Europe's leading research and development centres for the visual arts. Through a pioneering residency programme, artists come to Wysing to test out new ways of thinking and push the boundaries of what is possible. What results is often ground breaking work made by some of the most interesting emergent international artists, frequently in collaboration with specific communities from the surrounding area. This work is increasingly shown at nationally and internationally significant venues and locations, and Wysing staff are regularly asked to present on the organisation's ethos and approach at key industry conferences nationally and internationally.

Over the last three years Wysing has developed an experimental approach to artistic programming; where a concept or theme is explored across all of the residencies, exhibitions, events and commissions for the year. This began in 2009 with the Year of Generosity and followed in 2010 by The Year of Improbable. Increasingly, Wysing is bringing other non-art specialists, such as scientists, researchers, inventors and alternative thinkers, into the programme in order to collaborate with artists. This strategy will be further developed during 2011 when Wysing will reinvent itself as an informal research institute: The Institute of Beyond. The Institute will use a framework of three experimental departments which will each deliver a six week term of residencies, talks, seminars and family activities.

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